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Are you looking to make more profit from investment property? Use an on-line buy to let quote system to compare mortgage products, rates and options. Finding the right investment property is just as important as finding the right buy to let mortgage product for it. The mortgage itself can have a big impact on both your cashflow and your profit margins. As a very competitive market, there are numerous buy to let mortgage products avaialble and so it is important that you select the right buy to let mortgage for your particular investment property. For example, if you were buying a property with instant equity in it and decided that you simply wanted to dispose of this at a very early stage, you would want to consider buying the property on a no redemption mortgage product so that you do not incur charges when you redeem the mortgage at at an early stage. Alternatively, if you are looking to keep the investment property long term, then you may want to consider a good long term fixed product or a competitive tracker product. Learn how you can make the most of your property investments by using some of the best buy to let mortgage products. Using an on-line buy to let mortgage quote system will help you work out your monthly repayments on a buy to let property or the remortgaging of an existing buy to let property. This can help you establish if now if the right time to start investing in the property market.

It would be easy to start saying just how easy it is to become a landlord and earn income from investment property and how you can simply sit back and watch the profit tumble in like a cascading waterfall. The reality is that there are a number of key issues that you will have to be involved in to ensure your investment property portfolio works to its optimum. Firstly you will need to find a suitable investment property for sale. Then you will need to find a good buy to let mortgage. To give you an idea of what your monthly repayments might be, it is worth trying an instant on-line buy to let mortgage quote system. An then there will be tenants to source and vet, an investment property to maintain, letting agents to manage and accounts to monitor, it does take a certain level of commitment. So if you are still keen to have a slice of the much talked about property game then you will want to read on to find out how to get started? It’s also worth picking up a Free Buy to Let Guide.

Firstly, you need to establish if this is the right time for you to become a landlord and how much it is going to cost you. Can you afford to tie up money in a property? If the worst comes to the worst, can you afford to lose that money?

The simplest way to work out the repayments on a buy to let mortgage is to use an on-line buy to let mortgage calculator to get a Free Buy to Let Mortgage quotation. These can help you work out the best buy to let mortgage product for the type of investment property you are considering and your individual circumstances. Some products may carry a fixed rate whereas other might be a variable rate. You need to decide if you need the stability of knowing exactly what your buy to let mortgage monthly repayments will be every month or whether you are prepared to opt for a variable rate buy to let mortgage. A fixed rate means the rate is fixed for a certain period of time. A variable rate will generally change as and when the Bank of England Base Rate or LIBOR rate is amended. If the rate reduces then your monthly repayments should reduce and vice versa. Although, the lender may not always forward on the full percentage of rate cut/increase so you should check your product before you commit. Either way with an on-line buy to let mortgage quote system, you should be able to compare different products, rates and lenders to give you some of the choices available. You will need to know the likely rent that can be achieved for the property as this will determine the maximum loan amount available against the purchase price or refinancing value of the buy to let property. It is worth bearing in mind when you are getting your buy to let mortgage quotation, that lenders normally suggest that the rental income each month represents at least 130 per cent of the monthly mortgage payment. Although there are some buy to let products calculated on ratios of as little as 115%. Use the buy to let quote system to see how the buy to let mortgage payments work out on a monthly basis. By working on these calculations, gives the investor a margin to cover the letting agent’s fees and other associated costs.

This is a long-term investment and you need to take the same approach to investing money into a house or flat as you would to buying into the stock market. Historically the value of properties have doubled every 10-15 years but that doesn’t mean to say that there won’t be peaks and troughs in between. These are times that you have to be prepared and most importantly can afford to ride through.

Increasing your returns by using buy to let finance to your advantage

For example, lets say you have £100,000 cash to invest into Investment Property. Is it best to buy a property outright or use this money as deposits on multiple buy to let properties?

Mr Jones – decides to use his £100,000 to purchase a brand new property outright for cash. He lets the property for £600 per month giving a return of £7,200 per annum. Due to inflation, the rent will increase accordingly and eventually, after fluctuations in the property market, the house doubles in value.

Mr Smith – decides to use £100,000 as deposits (15% for each investment property) to buy £500,000 worth of properties similar to the one Mr Jones bought. This results in Mr Smith receiving five times as much rental income, i.e. £3,000 per month or £36,000 per annum. The other £400,000 is borrowed on buy to let mortgages and Mr Smith pays interest on this at a rate of approximately 5%. These monthly interest only repayments would work out to be £20,000 per annum. Therefore, net of interest they receive £16,000 per annum. Mr Smith is already better off than Mr Jones….. but what happens in years to come? Well it is probably safe to say that Mr Jones’s rental income will rise with inflation as per Mr Smith. However, Mr Smith’s buy to let mortgage costs remain the same. Therefore, the gap between Mr Jones and Mr Smith’s rental income will continue to widen as time goes on. And finally after 10-15 years when property could have doubled again. Mr Jones would have made a capital gain of £100,000 and have £200,000 worth of investment property. Whereas, Mr Smith would have made £500,000, which is five times as much capital gain!!

The most successful landlords will use some of the best buy to let mortgages to fund their buy to lets and with buy to let mortgage products becoming more sophisticated and competitive the right buy to let financing can ensure you maintain your investment property portfolios in such a way that you are always working to the most optimum cashflow situation. Whether they are looking to make a new purchase of an investment property or re-mortgage a buy to let, they will often use an on-line buy to let mortgage quote system to work out which products are likely to suit their circumstances.